AFA Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants

Update: Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants voted in a new contract on May 15, 2019 (88.26% - 1,722 of those eligible to cast a vote participated and the tentative agreement ratified by 94% - 1,624 voted yes!


Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants have been negotiating a new contract since 2015. The Flight Attendants are ready to close on a deal for a fair contract. Negotiations for our first non-concessionary/non-bankruptcy contract has not been moving along fast enough. As a result of the long process Frontier's AFA negotiation team filed for mediation a with the National Mediation Board in June 2017. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for mediation. But that lack of a timeline does not mean that there’s nothing we can do to speed things up. Management pays close attention to our solidarity and our public display of support the new contract. The content and speed of their proposals is directly related to our unity and that is why our contract campaign will become more public. 



Long duty day? There’s a fee for that

Red-Eye? There’s a fee for that.

Delayed flight into a day off? There’s a fee for that.

Language Interpretation? There’s a fee for that.

Taking a page from Frontier management’s playbook, we created a fee structure for our labor. Fees have been very lucrative for Frontier and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be for us.