An important part of our Contract Campaign is understanding our right to self-help – our right to strike. Together we promise to act in unity to achieve the Contract that recognizes our contributions to the success of our airline. This promise includes being prepared to execute a legal strike should management fail to negotiate a contract with us even as they face the strike deadline at the end of the 30-day cooling off period.


Strike Preparedness begins long before a strike deadline. Our strike preparations are
well, underway and we will continue our work throughout our Contract Campaign, both as a means to execute a successful strike should it become necessary and as means to demonstrate to management that we are not only willing, we are ready to act.


This page contains information about our strike strategy and our legal analysis prepared by AFAlegal on our right to strike. Review the information and share it with your flying partners. We encourage you to also attend your Local Council Strike Education Meetings taking place around the system, or consider hosting a seminar at your house. Contact your Local Council for details.

AFA-CWA’s CHAOS Strategy


CHAOS is AFA-CWA’s trademarked strategy of intermittent strikes, other non-traditional work actions and it is an integral part of our public Contract Campaign. As we gear up for
a showdown with United over our Contract negotiations, CHAOS is an important weapon in our arsenal. The form CHAOS takes at United will be unique. Where an intermittent strike against

a few flights might work best at one airline, an all-out strike for a day or a week might be the best tactic somewhere else. One of the most powerful aspects of the CHAOS strategy is our ability to adapt it to the specific facts of our campaign, to keep airline executives off balance with the element of surprise, and to take advantage of the weakness in the company’s strategy

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