Master Executive Council (MEC)

With more than 19 years as a Frontier Flight attendant, Jen has worked on the contract committee and then transitioned into the negotiation committee and has been assisting in the negotiation progress since early 2016. Elected to be the MEC president in October of 2016 and took office on January 1, 2017.

 MEC President 

Jen Sala

Kathleen O'Brien joined Frontier in September of 1996 and brings the history of the beginnings of F9 to the MEC. She is committed to serving Frontier Flight Attendants as the Vice President. She was elected to office in March of 2019 and officially took office on March 19, 2017.

 MEC Vice President 

Kathleen O'Brien


Sherrie became a Frontier Flight Attendant in 2006 after being a flight attendant for a now-defunct carrier. She spent many years in the banking industry. After completing her term with the previous MEC she was reelected to serve Frontier Flight Attendants in October 2016 and officially resworn into office on January 1, 2017.

 MEC Secretary-Treasurer 

Sherrie Thompson 


Kathleen has been a Denver based flight attendant since 1996 and is also the MEC Vice President.

 LEC 71 President

Kathleen O'Brien


Michael has been a Frontier Flight Attendant since 2014. Based in TTN/PHL, Michael brings several years of hospitality and service

 LEC 85  President

Michael Rice


Grant Alden has been a Frontier Flight Attendant since 2004 and is in his second term an as LEC86 Officer, currently holding both the LEC President and Vice President position.


 LEC 86 President 

Grant Alden


Theresa has been a Frontier Flight Attendant for more than 16 years and  an active member of LEC 87.

 LEC 87 President

Theresa Owens

Lisa Brooks.jpg

Lisa Brooks has been a Frontier Flight Attendant since 2011 and an active Representative on the Grievance Committee prior to accepting the position of LEC President for our newest council LEC 79 in Las Vegas.


 LEC 79  President

Lisa Brooks