How to get in touch

Do you have an emergency? Please call



0- Aircraft Emergency (accident, odor/fume event, safety)

1- EAP (Emotional Assistance and Professional Standards) or

2- Grievances (please use or contact your local council grievance team via email)

3- Safety Committee

4- Mentor Committee - (sign up for a mentor at

5- Benefits

How to contact your local council

LEC 71 Denver -700

LEC 86 Chicago- 701

LEC 87 Orlando- 702

LEC 85 Trenton/Philly- 703

LEC 79 Las Vegas


How to contact a committee?


AFA Scheduling-


To file a Grievance/ ask a question / Ticketing system:


To change your address with AFA please click on the link below.


AFA Payment Options:


Did you know that you can check what time you went through KCM? Go to  FYI-Managment can also check KCM times too.