Frontier Flight Attendants,

For over two years, we have fought at the bargaining table for a contract that recognizes our value as Flight Attendants at Frontier Airlines. Now, it's time to take the next step in our fight for a new contract. That step is a strike vote.


Frontier management doesn't see the need to continue negotiating over several key areas of our contract - clearly defined duty and rest rules, the option to bid or fly a line with low or high hours, and the right to fly our trips without the company arbitrarily changing our schedules while on a trip. Management needs to know that Frontier Flight Attendants are unified in getting the contract we deserve. 


It doesn't take a crystal ball to see where management is headed with respect to compensation, even though they haven't made a compensation proposal. The fact that they proposed to eliminate the overtime rate for trips which are added through the trade board gives you an idea of how management will approach our compensation talks. 


To ensure the success of our negotiations, it's critical for management to hear us loud and clear. We will do whatever it takes to fight for the contract we deserve. 

A successful strike vote was taken by the Frontier pilots in September 2017. Now, it's our turn. We encourage you to vote YES for the strike vote. Together, we will win our struggle for the contract we deserve. 











Polls Open: October 11, 2018
Polls Close: November 16, 2018


In solidarity, 


Jennifer Sala, AFA Frontier MEC President

DeVikeo Johnson, AFA Frontier MEC Vice President

Sherrie Thompson, AFA Frontier MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Kathleen O'Brien, LEC President, Council 71

Michael Rice, LEC President, Council 85

Grant Alden, LEC President, Council 86

Joslynn Wiese, LEC President, Council 87

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